DIGIMINDZ provides CRO service that is a kind of service for increasing the number of visitors on a website that converts into customers , or you can say , taking action on a webpage .


We would focus on getting more people to click on e-mail , ad, subscribing , signups or leads and in addition to that getting more people to purchase from the landing page.

It’s a kind of business development hacking that is done by DIGIMINDZ.

In this we will focus on different types of CRM such as Mobile CRM or Sales CRM as per your choice. From our point of view, every e-commerce business need to opt for CRO . Interestingly, for them PPC doesn’t work if sales is their long term objective . DIGIMINDZ’s team will try to provide services at cheaper rates than other agencies that are literally pick pocketing the customers. Satisfying our customers is our main agenda .

Our team is always there for any queries about anything you want to know about CRO, even you can go for demo sessions.

CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION has resulted in increased sale of many of our customers and that too by a big margin. Its a general advice to my future customers that we know every kind of business has only one objective and that is SALES . Be it your service or product you are offering to your customers , your final objective would be conversion of traffic on your website into your customers . AND how it is done ? Through CRO services by DIZIMINDZ.


  • Converting leads into sales
  • Better online reputation
  • Analysing your market funnel
  • Positive results