Google Ads Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales

Google Adword for e commerce

Have you ever wondered how an e-commerce business becomes successful overnight?

They have thousands of social media followers and online reviews; they are selling a lot of products Online.

How they do it?

Goggle Ads.

Google Ads and E-commerce business work together like bread and butter. Studies found that E-commerce retailers have the highest Click- through Rate out of all industries.

Create a profitable Google Ads Campaign that derives sales can be seen in a first campaign, But all you need is a proper plan and strategy.

Here‘s how to rock your e-commerce sales, if you are doing it the first time.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads launched in 2012 and become the toast of the Digital Marketing world. Google Shopping Ads Normally begins when the search engine giant, Google thinks that you are searching with intent to buy.

Shopping Ad one of the most appealing features which allow E-Commerce businesses like you to have a strong grip over the Ad Budget and ROI (Return on Investment).

Search Google Ads

Search Google Ads

You should not depend on the shopping ads for the e-commerce business, You Can also run some Search Ads.

It’s worth mentioning that  Shopping Ads are so rich, in terms of their ability to display images and prices, you should try and use them first, especially because they convert to mobile devices so well.

If in any case after using them your conversion rate and ad rank results are poor then you should try running some search ads.

The key to success, with a Search campaign, is setting everything up so that your ad rank is triggered by keywords that will generate a high conversion rate



Another AdWord trick that you can use to generate e-commerce sales is remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to ad rank and shows them to people who’ve already visited your store.

If you want to run remarketing ads on the Google network, you’ll first need to install a ‘Remarketing tag’ on your site.


Google Ads are powerful, Once you know how beneficial is this for your business. There are thousands of people who are earning through Google ad words and they are getting very good Numbers of sales.

As we know 78% of people do online shopping nowadays due to their tight schedule, so Google AdWords is one of the best solutions to convert your traffic into sales.

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