How to increase Instagram followers?

Wants to increase instagram followers

As everyone already knows Instagram has become a massive platform to

reach your audience and people have increasingly moved from facebook to Instagram over time and it becomes a necessity for businesses to have a great presence on Instagram as well as they need to increase Instagram followers to reach their target audience.

Did you know that Instagram’s organic reach has been drastically declined?

How to increase Instagram followers

Reasons for decline in Instagram reach?

As we know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, and facebook’s reach has been declined as well. And these platforms earn by advertising only and their only way to increase their profit is by decline the organic reach on these platforms. and people get bound to spend money on ads to reach their target audience.

Now let’s discuss a few ways to increase Instagram followers?

1)Using proper hashtags.

Instagram hashtags

2)At least 2 posts a day

3)Be consistent in posting

4) Run ads on Instagram

5)Be aware of the type of content your competitor is posting

6) Have rhythm in all your posts (in terms of color, pitch, or theme)

7)Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account to reach your Facebook audience on Instagram

Connect Facebook with instagram

8)Follow people on Instagram

9)Follow your competitor’s followers as well to get a follow back and targeted traffic

10) Get shout out from influencer who is already having a reach on Instagram.

11)Engage with your audience – like, share, comment or even replying to their direct messages.

12)Put valuable posts or informative posts.

13)Do experiments with posts, content, bio and track what people are liking and use that type of pitch only

14)Don’t forget the Instagram story

15) Use Igtv videos to engage the audience.

Igtv videos

16) Provide coupons, discounts or organize quizzes on Instagram to keep intact your followers and attract more.

Things to be avoided to increase Instagram followers:

  • Don’t buy the Instagram page by paying money to people.
  • Don’t buy followers.
  • Don’t promote your self or your products only.

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