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Online SEO Marketing
Online SEO Marketing

In this post, we will tell you about SEO Marketing – how to increase your website traffic.

Below are the major points.

Content should be original and relevant

The first important basis for SEO is the content. If content would not be there then how and what google will rank about our post.

Content gives life to a post, it should always be original and relevant so that the readers would feel the connection about it and they will connect truly.

Content should be relevant, it should not be like that you have put the heading something else and your content is saying something else out of the topic.

Content is all about the detailed information of a product, service, or a story, etc.

In short, it is the full description of the title of the post. So the more original content would be the more would be the chances of getting highly ranked.

And don’t forget to update your content, higher the content would be new higher the chances of getting ranked on top.

A website should be mobile-friendly

SEO for mobile friendly website

Nowadays, the maximum number of searches are done via mobile devices.

So it is very important to your website a mobile-friendly, which means the website would be seamlessly displayed on any device without taking much loading time.

Avoid Broken Links

seo - remove broken links

Broken links are the links when clicked, may be directed to a page with a 404 error. To avoid these types of links, you can download a plugin – All 404 Redirect to Homepage (for WordPress).

Plugins will notify you if your website would be having any kind of broken links that you are unaware of and then you can fix it and can increase your website traffic.

Minimize Page Loading Time

Always keep in mind, the less your website’s loading time would be the more increase in your website traffic would be.

You can use Gt-metrix tool to check your website’s speed and can find the errors to correct it. You should compress the images in order to ignore the more loading time. For that, you can use the smush plugin if you are using WordPress.

If your website is taking more time to open then the people would get irritated and the chances are that they would leave your website, and it will directly affect your website traffic.

So try to keep your website’s loading time less than 5 seconds.

Use Meta Tags

Meta tags play a very important role in your website’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) appearance and rankings.

There are various types of meta tags that help google and others to understand our work and list them.

Some of the meta tags are –

Title – A title in every blog/content plays a very important role. It’s the title first that is read by everyone. It should be appropriate, Relevant and eye-catching so that people could get more attracted to it and could not stop themselves without visiting your website.

Meta description – a meta description is the summary of the description of the content. A very short summary that is meaningful and has that impact that it would create the eagerness in the mind of the people to visit your website.

These meta properties make your content to be listed highly and more likely to be clicked by the people.

These can include your content type, copyright, description, keywords, title,  and even ‘robots’ which directly instructs algorithms on what to do with the page.

Don’t forget to use the ALT attribute

ALT tags play a very important role in your online SEO marketing. If you want to rank on top via images also then you should not miss the important point.

Alt tags are important because it helps Google to tank as we put keywords in the alt text.

We put keywords for what the image is all about.

When we use an alt image with targeted highly-ranking keyword text, then it creates a boost to your page to get ranked highly.

On-page SEO is based on Keyword Research

importance of keyword research in seo

Try to use more top keywords in order to bring more traffic to your website.

There are several methods to search high ranking keywords and various tools you can use to generate further keywords.

So try the above major points first of SEO Marketing – how to increase your website traffic?

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