Landing page also known as  ‘LEAD CAPTURE PAGE’ is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized result. To all my future clients , let me clear one thing that there is difference between landing page and home page . Suppose , your business is of fruit selling and when anybody search on Google than he might see your ad and click on the same.

But if URL given in the ad is not appropriate and inspite of going to the order page he go to the home page . There may be chances that he switch to another online fruit seller?

A landing page


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We will try our level best to get more leads by using appropriate landing page of your website according to your goals. Not only this, DIGIMINDZ  make your landing page consisting of appropriate Heading , Action , Benefit , Image , Trust and Scarcity. i.e. HABITS….. our unique tactic of  landing page marketing.

So its all up to you , its never too late to correct our mistakes. And same is the case with landing page for your first time consumers. Its like a trap , once they are into it – more than half of your work is already done . Think about it , a person will take some action only if he/ she will see some potential in your business to fulfill their need.

More than 100+ businesses are your competitors and their targeted customer list is contingent to you . And it won’t take even a second for the person to switch if the LANDING PAGE makes a remarkable impact on him .

DIGIMINDZ tries its level best and create the most amazing and stunning pages giving a neck to neck competition to your so called substitutes .