How to monetize a blog? – Digimindz India

How to monetize a blog? - Digimindz India

You must have seen from the people that they make money a lot of money from blogs. There are various folks who do extremely well with blogging like Pat Flynn from, Lindsay from , Regina from In this post, we will tell you the ways on how to monetize blog.

There are dozens of ways to monetize your blog but here in this post, we will provide you the best possible ways to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the most popular methods for monetizing a blog. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It is very useful especially when you have just started out and you don’t have your own products or services to sell. What all you have to do is you have to make content that will ultimately be in harmony with whatever affiliate offers you plan to push out. For example, if you are running a cooking blog then you can easily sell affiliate health, healthy diet, weight loss foods, etc. As the content is already attracting the people who are interested in cooking, health. This type of blogging helps you to create a near-automated of passive income. If you choose an affiliate monetize marketing program then it’s always a good idea to –

  • only promote relevant products
  • only promote products that you have personally used and then recommend.
  • always include a disclaimer on your site as to not mislead your readers

Google AdSense

Many people start a blog solely for ads. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks. You just simply put and make money by displaying ads on your website. You can start earning cash from Google Adsense in two ways –

The first is based on impressions. It depends on page views, for example,  for every 1,000 page views you get, you earn a set dollar amount.

The second one is based on clicks. Apart from page views, if a visitor clicks on the ad from your site, you’ll earn a certain amount of the ad revenue.

The amount of money you can make from Google AdSense depends upon your traffic and how many people are clicking on your ads.

Email Marketing

It is one of the most powerful methods for making money from your blog. But in order to be successful, you need to build your list. Use one of the most popular email marketing platforms like ConvertKitAweber or InfusionSoft to implement the systems necessary to begin marketing via email, whether you promote blog updates or create a lead magnet. By creating a strong bond and a connection with your readers, you can easily generate a good amount of money through the course of marketing for both- your own products and services along with affiliate offer directly through email monetize.


By writing ebooks, You can relatively get a quick pathway for making money from your blog. It is a super popular way to start selling a unique product in your industry, and it’s ideal for pretty much any niche. There are so many self-publishing opportunities available, you can easily get your book published and ready to sell with major retailers like Amazon or directly on your site. Non-fiction ebooks are simple to create as compared to fiction. If you are making an ebook on teaching a skill that many people struggle with, the chances are that the ebook will produce a good profit.

Selling courses

Selling online digital courses is one of another way you can profit from blogging. Create intuitive and helpful courses that add a tremendous amount of value and the rest will be smooth sailing. When it comes to technical skills like web development, digital marketing, graphic design, etc. then courses work great. Make something better than the other courses available in the marketplace.

Selling digital products

Creating and selling digital products is a great way to profit from your blog. You can sell any type of digital product information in your blog as long as it’s in harmony with your content. It can be done by building a webinar to market your product and deliver them through a member’s area or through other downloadable ways. By digital products we mean, it can be a combination of videos, downloadable guides, resources, PDFs, software components, SaaS and others.

Paid Reviews

If you have or you are generating a decent amount of traffic, the chances are, you might be approached by a business looking to sponsor your site. There are generally two requests you get in these cases:

  1. Paid reviews – when the business sends you their products and pays you to write a review about it. But you are not forced or bounded to write a positive review.
  2. sponsorship posts – some businesses will sponsor a specific post in exchange for a link back to their site. It is an ethical practice to disclose the sponsorship to your readers.

So mentioned above are the main important ways on how to monetize your blog. Try them fast.

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