How to Target Right Audience For Google Ads

Target audience for google ads

To run a successful advertising campaign, targeting is an important part. After designing ads, you need to show them to the right people at the right time to achieve your goal. Google Ads provide different ways to target your audience, which are discussed below google ads.

Basis of targeting an audience for google ads:

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  • Affinity: Affinity audience is targeted to raise awareness and drive consideration among a group of people that have an interest in your products. Target people on the basis of their lifestyles, buying habits, and long-term interests Advertisers can run a campaign online and reach an audience using Google ads Search or the Display Network.
  • In-market: Through this, google Ads can be shown to users who have been searching for similar products and services you are offering. These people may be thinking to make a purchase, or had purchase earlier and could still be interested enough to interact with your ads. Through this targeting, you can reach potential customers who are actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell
  • Custom intent: Custom intent audiences helps you to reach ideal audience for your business in your Display and Video campaigns by segmenting ad groups according to the specific keywords and landing pages you would like to target Choose words or phrases related to the people that are most likely to engage with your site and make purchases by using “custom intent audiences.” Custom intent audiences also allow you to add URLs for websites, apps, or YouTube content related to your audience’s interests.
  • Remarketing: Through Remarketing, you can target users that have already interacted with your google ads, website, or app so that they’ll see your ads more often. These users can be in any stage of conversion, as long as they’ve visited your site or clicked on your ad before. These people may even come to make a purchase.
  • Similar audiences: You can expand your audience by targeting users with interests related to the people who are already in your remarketing lists. They aren’t searching directly searching for your products or services, but their related interests may lead them to interact with your google ads. Similar audiences lists are automatically updated as the original list evolves and people change their browsing activity. So, you don’t need to update the Similar audience list once it’s created.
  • Demographics: Demographic targeting is an option to narrow your targeting. Through this targeting, people who are not in your chosen demographics will not see your ads. You can also target your ads based on how well your products and services trend with users in certain locations, ages, genders, and device types google ads.

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