Things you should know before buying a Domain name

What is a domain name

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is like an online address where people can find you. Registering a domain name is a pre-requirement to built a website. But by registering a domain, it doesn’t mean that your website is created, you have just purchased a domain.

Types of domain:

Types of domain name

Top Level Domain (TLD) :

These top-level domains (TLD) also known as domain extensions and represent the highest level in the Domain Name System hierarchy.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .edu
  • .org
  • .mil
  • .gov

Country code Top-level domain (ccTLD):

These domain extensions are basically used to represent the country based domains.


  • .IN (India)
  • .AU (Australia)

Generic Top-Level Domain (GTLD):

Generic TLDs that are best known,include .com, .net, .biz, .org and .info – these can be registered by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Internationalized country code top-level domain (  IDN ccTLD )

A top-level name with a specially encoded format that allows it to be displayed in a non-Latin character set (i.e. special characters).

Few essential tips before choosing a domain name:

  • Choose a simple name
  • use proper Domain extension (.in,.com), etc
  • choose according to your business activity
  • Choose a short name as it’s easy to remember shorter ones
  • Don’t use a name which is similar to the already existing brand name.
  • Pick a name which is memorable and can become a brand.
  • Research well before selecting.
  • Don’t choose in a hurry.
  • Use keywords in the name which describe your business like if your business is of textile, your name can be
  • Avoid number and hyphens in the name.
  • Choose one which is easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Get a free name with web hosting.
  • It’s always better to take “.com”
  • If you have chosen buy it at the quickest else anyone takes it up.

If want to have a name which is already taken by someone, search the actual owner of that domain OR You can also take brokers to help by paying his fee.

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