Tips to create a good landing page

landing page

A Good Landing page is not created overnight. That’s why marketers get frustrated — and often give up.

Focus on collecting data, If you want better landing pages. You should design it based on what you already know about your audience, but don’t stop there — make sure you collect even more information as more people visit your website.

Converting that data into informed decisions that can help to produce more leads and sales.

Why do we need a landing page?

Before moving on detailing about tips to create a good landing page. You must know, a landing page is a crucial must-have for any website because it provides a targeted platform for converting higher percentages of visitors into leads

Tips and tricks to create it:-

1)Make a clear offer.

2)Make the simplest one.

3)Use Contrasting colors

4)Try to keep the important part of the landing page above the digital fold.

5)Only ask the information you will be needed.

6)Don’t confuse the leader, Make a clear cut call to action.

8) Try different headlines and copy

9)Add testimonials to help convert users easily.

10)Provide your contact information as well.

11)Be creative with the design.

12)Make the Form Appear Shorter, as people avoid filling longer ones.

13)Make a Mobile-Friendly page.

14)Adding Videos will be an addition.

15)Make an effective headline, it should be catchy enough to attract attention of the visitor.

16)Don’t forget supportive sub-headline.

17)Conduct proper market research.

18)Consider the mindset of the visitor.

19)Provide user a clear interface and experience.

20)Use legible fonts.

21)Simple and easy navigation.

22)Tell visitors benefits from your products.

23) Make it apart, don’t be generic.

24)Make sure to add a closing argument statement.

25) simple and specific language

Tools to design a landing page:-

Tools to design a landing page
  • Landingi
  • Instapage
  • Lander
  • LeadPages (or Click Funnels)
  • Launchrock
  • Hello Bar
  • 5 Second Test
  • UserTesting
  • Olark
  • Unbounce
  • Mail chimp
  • LandingLion
  • ClickFunnels
  • ShortStack
  • GetResponse
  • Hubspot marketing
  • Ucraft
  • Shortstack
  • Go viral
  • Surveygimzo

After following all these steps, I hope you will able to design quite a good one and will utilize it well for getting leads.

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