Tips to increase facebook engagement

facebook engagement

Have you ever noticed that facebook engagement has been fallen down?

Facebook has stopped giving free likes, comments, and shares. You need to earn by giving money to facebook for its services.

There is no need to get panic. we have certain ways by which you can increase your Facebook engagement.

Although the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm have made many marketers worried

Let’s look at a few ways to increase facebook engagement:-

Facebook engagement

1)Make an appealing profile.

2)Do max two posts a day and seven-time per week.

3)Keep post characters between 40-100.

4)You can also embed your Facebook post on your website.

5)Create a weekly post calendar.

6)Take care of right time to post in a day, when facebook algorithm works best.

7)Keep at least two admins.

8)Keep a watch on your competitors page.

9)Make use of Facebook insights.

10)Analyse your most popular posts.

11)Prioritize your Comments & Replies.

12) Upload videos and engage the audience through video content.

13)Don’t use hashtags as facebook algorithm have no reach for hashtags.

14)Use Facebook live as people are more interested in something happening live.

15)Pin your posts for making it more visible.

16)Create ads on Facebook for quickest engagement. Its a paid way to increase engagement.

17)Connect other social media to facebook to drive traffic from that sites as well.

18)Add a call to action(CTA) on your facebook page.

19)Boost your post by paying money.

20)Upload high-quality pictures on facebook to give it a more professional look.

21)Participate in different facebook group related to your niche/industry.

22)Create events Via your facebook page.

23)Organize quizzes to engage the audience.

24)Post pictures which provides coupons and discounts on your products.

So,these were the important tips and I hope these are going to help you to grow your Facebook audience and engage more people to your facebook page.

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