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top 10 keywords research tools

Keywords are not as important once, but they will always have a place in search engine marketing. Google may use more and more other signals, but it will always a keyword to understand how to match up searches and with sites.

Top 10 keywords research tools are:

1) Uber Suggest

2) Google Keyword Planner

3) KW Finder

4) SERP Stat

5) Answer The Public

6) Keyword Tool

7) Word Stream

8) SEM Rush

9) Google Search Console

10) Jaaxy

Let We Discuss In Brief About All The Tools…

1) Uber Suggest (Free Tool)

Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is the one for you to find. It is no.1 form the top 10 keywords research tools that are absolutely free. The keyword you want to search for, but sometimes you don’t find the correct keywords. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

But Uber Suggest helps by giving you keywords idea that is not yet available in the Google Keyword Tool. Just a simple, generic term and uber suggest help you in the narrow down way the options with its suggestions. There are some points:-

⇒This tool helps you find the best keywords in the most well organized and maintained manner.

⇒Uber Suggest breaks down the search result in a letter wise format and gives features all the data and information related to the keywords.

⇒ The keyword suggests the property of this tool enables to make informed decisions and keyword to choose and how to rank it.

2) Google Keyword Planner (Free Tool)

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used keyword research tools that suit everyone, including beginners. It is no.2 form the top 10 keywords research tools. It stands from the rest is that it gets information to direct form the google and the search engine where you optimize your website.

It shows you that related data along with the keywords, such as those of the competitions are suggested bid of each keyword if you are using AdWords and average monthly searches. 

Google Keyword Planner gives the opportunity to make new keywords that are most relevant to our business, research keywords and get bid estimates that will help in making a plan.

In 2019 Google Keyword Planner is now much easier to use. Negative keywords are words or phrases that do not want to show on ads.

They will come in handy to reduce the costs by cutting out the terms and phrases that will not be converted.

3)KW Finder (Freemium Tool)

KW Finder

KW Finder is a keywords research tool. If anyone used this tool you love it with this tool I am sure you will fall in love with it. It is no.3 form the top 10 keywords research tools. It lets to choose the kind of keywords according to your needs and choose the country and location you want. KW Finder comes with long-tail keywords that get ranked easily without any difficulty and the good part of this tool is shows an “interest over time”. 

Amazing keyword research was working super fast with the most and most perfect output.

In this tool, when are not using the paid version of the tool, it’s allowed to use only 5 keywords research in a day when you use free.

You get the budget to go with the premium version, you may get any of the alternatives of this tool when you searched.

The pricing of this tool is pretty good it deals when it comes to pricing and the basic plan gives you 100 searches per 24 hours, which is good for the many people.

4) SERP Stat (Free Tool)


Serp Sta is no.4 form the top 10 keywords research tools. Serp Stat was founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool and now at this tool offers the many different services and now today it gives full SEO and PPC tool service also. The tool has more than 95,000 online active users and their database has more than 99 million keywords data to search and their database have gives more than 160 million ads and 210 million search suggestion data to the users they need.

 You now the website is Ukrainian and one of the good SEO service providing tools for the keywords research and backlinks.

There is a group of keywords by tags and is an amazing help in content marketing and blog writing.

They make a competitive keyword for analysis to increase the traffic to your website.

5) Answer The Public (Freemium Tool)

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is another excellent consumer insight tool that integrates suggested searches from google and bing and visualizes what the search cloud can be. It is no.5 form the top 10 keywords research tools. The searches from the cloud are they categories like Why, What and Where and gives a summary of questions typed into the search engines. They may help you to target the keyword and answer the question available in google special title. It allows enables you to optimize for long-tailed keywords. 

The data of this tool is to help to find the relevant keyword easy and helping you to get a keyword with a lower difficulty and a high search volume. It is very very easy and as simple to use. It provides you to enhance your creativity by providing the best blog content ideas.

The default setting on the Answer The Public is a visual layout and you can click on the data to tab and view simplified tables with values, so here you will get the question that inspires you as a content strategy.

You that it has a preposition section that includes for, near, can, with, to, without and is. 

6) Keyword Tool (Free Tool)

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is the best free keyword research tool that helps you pick the most relevant keyword to the user. It is no.6 form the top 10 keywords research tools. All you need to do is type the seed keyword and google will find the types of information depends on the user searches. It helps you to find the number of keywords for free while improving the quality of your content. It also makes suggestions such as competition, search volume, and CPC. It gives a great result to the user keyword research. The keyword tool will generate up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions. 

It will upgrade to the pro version to get information about like search volume, cost per click and competition.

Its comprehensive list of relevant keywords would assist you in improving the quality of content as well as convey your message to the audience in the best way.

It also suggests you with an elaborate list of long-tail keywords and the user just need is the seed keyword and google would find the right deal to the user search.

7) Word Stream (Free Tool)

Word Stream

Keyword research can be a real hectic task. It is no.7 form the top 10 keywords research tools. Word Stream makes things faster and easier for you. It has analyzed to search of thousand of keywords daily at absolutely free of cost. You can use these keywords to gain traffic for both your paid as well as organic traffic.

 It represents the estimated CPC, the competition score and a proprietary opportunity score to make the best out of your content marketing strategy. Word Stream is not larry only a marketing blog.

He is also the brains behind mobile monkey and a platform for building chatbots that also runs an amazing growth marketing blog.

8) SEM Rush (Freemium Tool)

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is another keyword research tool that comes in handy with SEO and digital marketing analysis. It is no.8 form the top 10 keywords research tools. In the SEM Rush account first to select the keyword magic tool under the keyword menu. Everything else is quite straight forward as it displays keyword research where you enter the seed keyword. The best part of this tool is that it shows the graph that allows the user to see trends and observe when your competitors are launched a new campaign.

 It has a keyword magic tool that is designed to give more and more refined backup by data. The data includes CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, competition, and SERP features.

It takes is for a user to input your keywords into the search bar and click submit. And get a page showing all the most relevant keywords to the users. A million of keywords can export easily.

It will help you to gain insights into digital campaigns and SEO audit of user websites as well as keyword research.

9) Google Search Console (Free Tool)

Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps to find hundreds of opportunity keywords. It is no.9 form the top 10 keywords research tools. The best part is that it has a performance report that lists out the pages on the website and gets the most clicks. The exact keywords that brought them there from the search console. At the queries impression, average position, and CTR. It helps to require optimization to start ranking for the topmost performance of the keyword and huge impressions but with low CTR and help to boost your ranking easily. The google search console allowed to monitor the google views on the website and it optimizes with the organic procedure. 

In this tool you have to do verify the ownership by the submit an HTML tag, uploading HTML file, a GTM container snippet, and domain name provider.

If the user website supports both as well as Https:// or Http:// and add them as a separate site as well as domains also.

The most and best keyword research tool. This tool can help the user reassess the main-main keywords in use and also increase and revise the user keyword profile.

10) Jaaxy (Freemium Tool)


Jaaxy is a very powerful and straightforward tool that effects the work which we have done. It is no.10 form the top 10 keywords research tools. It gives you the number of keywords ideas, even on those where that is not available on some devices. It provides extra information such as search volume, competition, and traffic on every making keywords. It has also given the QSR (quoted search results) features that help you to know the number of websites has the same keyword number position. Jaaxy is easy to use as a keyword research tool that has been used by marketers whereas a different industry. 

In Jaaxy when you start typing in the keywords in the search bar and then click on the blue find keyword button. In this tool, you will get the columns showing the available domains related to the user keyword, a quick link to brainstorm features, related keywords, and high ranking scores that are greater than 120.

It is a very great tool because anybody who wants to hack digital marketing this tool perfect is perfect for them.

On this tool, users can have their own results in a matter of seconds. This is beginner friendly and experienced for the user will also love it.

In the end, I want to say that only one thing you are not investing time to do keywords research, I’m sure you will not be getting the valuable traffic from the search engine. Should not stuff the keywords as it would create a negative impact on your SEO. Just choose the primary and relevant keywords from any keyword research tools that I have to discuss in the post. Drives direct traffic on the website has never been easier and more cost-effective. A tool that fits on your skill level, workload, and budget and after that select most relevant and primary keywords to help increase traffic on the website.

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